About CJ

Hi I’m CJ and I’m extremely passionate about creating wellness for expectant mums and bumps from pregnancy to those early days and into toddler time via nutrition, exercise and lifestyle coaching.

I believe that children do not have to be unhealthy, unhappy and should live vibrantly and full of energy.  I am focused on giving children the best start in life and setting them up to live disease free.  This starts before conception with pregnancy laying down the foundations for life so I work with mums to help them create the best nurturing and nourishing environment to ensure their bubs health starts in the womb and continues on into making happy healthy footprints!

After a decade of working in the fitness and wellness industry, studying nutrition and becoming a female figure competitor I fell pregnant and discovered a whole new world.  I know what mums are going through and have the knowledge and experience to help push through the hurdles and not only get their body back, but create a new improved healthier version of you which can handle the highs and lows of parenting plus teach you how to set healthy habits for bubs and toddlers.

I am here to share my expertise with you so you can take charge of your body, your mind and your life.

As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.  

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